Why Berdick

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Berdick Window & Door is a company that provides PEACE OF MIND knowing that the company (in existence since 1969) will look after its customers – 100% of the time.







We are Berdick...

Berdick Window & Door is a company that provides PEACE OF MIND knowing that the company (in existence since 1969) will look after its customers – 100% of the time.


General Overview:

  • Industry leading warranty, life time on most components.
  • Best-in-class service including highly skilled Service Technician with ‘zero call-back’ philosophy.
  • Products fully tested according to 2008 & 2011 NAFS (North American Fenestration Standards); incorporating Canadian Supplement A440-S109. Thermal performance certifications include both NFRC (US) &NRCan, certifications by NAMI (National Accreditation & Management Institute Inc.).
  • Sales & production processes controlled by Fenevision ERP system including customer quoting & order entry, fully integrated into manufacturing, shipping, warehouse, inventory, purchasing & accounting processes, enables Berdick to:
    • Achieve low lead times even during peak demand months.
    • Provide accurate delivery dates to our customers.
    • Provide accurate paperwork to our customers as it relates to invoicing, statements, etc.
  • In-house painting & staining capabilities utilizing state-of-the-art equipment including cross-draft paint booth & segregated curing room (temperature & humidity controlled) ensuring optimal drying & cure times.
    • Paint operation occurs after boxes are constructed meaning zero touch-up paint required at corners, any color available, color matching available.
  • Comprehensive Quality Assurance program implemented at all operator work stations ensuring reproducibility & repeatability of key production processes.
  • Product deliveries are carried out by Berdick staff unless not practically feasible due to geography.
  • Shop (CAD) drawings provided by in-house drafting department.
  • Highly experienced & knowledgeable sales & operations staff – ‘solutions provider’ mind-set common across all departments.

Fibreglass makes the difference...

  • Provides a solution where architectural considerations are important including large viewing areas, the ability to create a “wall of windows” & interior color requirements. Competes in the aluminum storefront markets.
  • Fiberglass profiles expand & contract at the same rate as glass, ensuring top performance in extreme weather conditions.
  • Closed-back tubular fiberglass profiles used in combination with 4:1 epoxy resin bonding material (no mechanical fastening) ensuring air & water tight corners, low thermal transfer.
  • Die cut foam insulation inserted where required ensuring optimized thermal performance.
  • Polymer backing material (inserted into entire length of profile) ensuring industry-leading screw retention (& serviceability) at all hardware connecting points.
  • 44mm OD glass thickness available, enabling true ½” airspaces when using 6mm glass.
  • Various aluminum brickmold styles available, a solution for every new home or renovation application.
  • Triple seal weather-stripping standard on all operating windows.
  • 100% perimeter heal beading (around sealed units) on all fiberglass windows.

Best in PVC...

  • High-end stainless-steel hardware & gasket components used in all products.
  • Re-enforced screw retention on operator frame at hinge track.
  • All PVC extrusions sourced within Canada demonstrating superior gloss & surface finish & above average exterior wall thickness.
  • Optimized internal wall chamber system ensuring optimized thermal performance.
  • A combination of EPDM & Santoprene gaskets rolled-in (not co-extruded) ensuring protection against harsh winter climates.
  • Basement in-swing awning features 1-3/8” OD glass thickness w/ friction ‘stay’ hinges & gas lift cylinders to accommodate larger sizes.
  • Slider windows feature true 1-3/8” OD glass thickness enabling ½” air space in combination with 3mm & 4mm glass thickness.
  • Argon injected into all cavities for all LoE windows.
  • Numerous brickmold designs available enabling solutions for all new construction or renovation scenarios.
  • Vinyl wrapped finish in multiple colors for the exterior of casement, awning, picture & fixed frames, custom interior application of vinyl wrap finish available upon request.

Best of both worlds...

European Tilt & Turn PVC Windows

  • MD76 Kommerling PVC profiles used on all products, triple seal & optimized for wall thickness, surface finish & energy efficiency.
  • Siegenia ‘hidden hinge’ technology used on all products.
  • The combination of triple seal & concealed hinge technology enables Berdick to place the hinge between the 2nd exterior Seal & the primary interior seal to ensure it’s protected from the warm moist air inside the house & the cold air outside during winter months, reducing the risk of condensation or frost.
  • All pvc & aluminum brickmold options are available for our tilt & turn product offering.
  • 44mm OD glass thickness available, enabling true ½” airspaces when using 6mm glass & single window units up to 49 sq ft (some width or height limitations may apply).
  • In addition to a standard white color, a variety of interior & exterior vinyl options are available including several ‘wood-look’ choices.
  • All profiles are fully steel re-enforced allowing for constructions of over-sized operators.

Enter into a new class...

  • Extruded polymer sill standard on all products, no chance of wood rot.
  • Multi-point lock systems available in a variety of colors, styles and configurations.
  • As a result of the compression ‘EPDM’ gasket installed on the frame (that runs on the same plane around the entire door slab), door sweep not required, ensures an aesthetically superior product w/ outstanding air & water performance ratings.
  • CNC machining of all door frames ensuring tight tolerances of hinge placement.
  • CNC machining of all door slabs ensuring tight tolerances of hinge & hardware points & accuracy for glass insert placement.
  • All steel & fiberglass slabs pre-finished meaning additional paint is not required to activate warranty.
  • All frames made from composite materials ensuring zero potential for rot (wood grain or smooth) that can be stained or painted.
  • Black vinyl wrap is available as a standard finish for smooth composite frames, other colors can be custom selected.
  • Various brickmold styles available, a solution for every application.
  • Stainless steel, ball-bearing hinges used on all doors.

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